sliding scale

with the intention to make this work accessible, i use a sliding scale. please take your time to look at these suggested rates (for a 1.5 hour session) and assess your rate according to your current situation:

for those who are comfortably able to meet their basic needs ~ have a stable home ~ a well-paid job ~ access to health care ~ a western passport ~ access to financial savings and/or generational wealth ~ can afford vacations

for those who are able to meet basic their needs most of the time ~ have an irregular housing / work situation ~ have access to health care, state support and solidarity networks ~ sometimes afford vacation ~ have some expandable income

for those who are stressed about and are frequently unable to meet basic needs ~ have debt / support people around them ~ have very unstable work / housing situations ~ limited/no access to health care and state support ~ can’t afford vacation or unplanned small expenses

  • this is a solidarity system: the higher rates compensate for the lower ones.
  • if you are able to, please consider giving more so i can continue offering this work to those who don't.
  • if your situation changes, we can gladly talk and reajust
  • a longer process can often be supportive in allowing trust & understanding to build. i prefer that you pay less and are able to come more times.
  • if you are a multiply marginalized body and the lowest rate is inaccessible to you, please book an intro call and mention this. i offer gift sessions and have space for you.
  • you’re also welcome to offer me a barter.
    maybe you have access to organic food? maybe you craft or produce art, candles, illustrations, ceramics, clothes? maybe you’re a photographer and can take session photos to be used on this website? maybe you teach bodywork, facilitate workshops or retreat? let’s talk about it.