energy exchange

with the intention of making this work accessible, i work with a sliding scale, a tool that allows for several price points based on your circumstances.


the actual cost of a session, for those who are comfortably able to meet their basic needs:

—able to pay for "wants" and spend little time worried about securing necessities

—have a stable home

—a well-paid job

—access to health care

—a western passport

—access to financial savings and/or generational wealth

—go on vacations annually

—own property, or rent higher-end properties

—have personal savings.


for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income:

—have an irregular housing / work situation

—have access to health care, state support and solidarity networks

—sometimes afford vacation

—have some expandable income (for cafés, cinema, concerts, leisure items, etc.)

—can ask family members, partners, or friends for financial support


for those who struggle to meet basic need & don’t always achieve them.

—paying for this session would create a significant hardship—not being able to put food on the table, pay rent or transportation.

—suffer from multiple forms of discrimination

—have debt / support family

—very unstable work / housing situations. rent lower-end properties

—limited/no access to health care and state support

—can’t afford vacation or unplanned small expenses

(sliding scale inspired by worts+cunning)

  • this is a solidarity system: the higher rates compensate for the lower ones. if you are able to, please give more so i can continue offering this work—in general, and to those who can’t pay the actual cost of a session.
  • be aware: if you pay the lowest rate when you can truthfully afford the higher ones, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility.
  • if you are multiply marginalized and the lowest rate is inaccessible to you, you’re welcome to come in for free. i offer a limited number of gift sessions every month, and wish to make space for you. (please mention this when you book an intro call.)
  • i wish for your rate that is sustainable fo both of us. one that allows me to feel resourced & valued—and also allows you to come back for more sessions, as a longer process can often be supportive in allowing trust & understanding to build.

i allow contradications to inform
my path & choices around money.

this is an experiment. we’re figuring it out together.

i believe that transactionality is part of the problem: i offer you a service, you give me money. the exchange and the relationship between us ends.

at the same time, many / most of us don’t have access to community / relational healing. also: healing in relationality—especially around intimacy & sexuality—can be much more complicated than it can be within a therapeutic container.

in an ideal world, i would like to offer this work as a gift and not have money involved at all.

at the same time, i’m not rich. i live under capitalism, in a city. i don’t grow my own food or produce my own electricity. i pay bills, and pay rent for the space i practice in.
i wish to resource myself through my work so that i am able to offer it.

book an intro call
with me.

let’s get to know how
we work together, and speak
about your intentions.