somatic talk & touch

i offer support on your journey
around relating & intimacy,
in berlin or online.

video: sara lovering

i’d love to support you in your wish to...
examine / get curious about / feel into
/ come into relationship with
...what is pulling us apart, so we can...
re-organize our shapes to live &
love in the presence of these things,
finding places of resilience & resource
...and become more...
response-able: able to attend to
what needs our focus & right action
in the world right now.


🌅touch path

we likely work hands-on.

pleasure & arousal are welcome & invited here—our intention is to make space for them. we're more likely to work with crystallized intentions, creating clear frames & agreements.

we work with methods from sexological bodywork—e.g. pleasure exploration, the wheel of consent, genital/ anal massage and mapping, self-pleasure witnessing & coaching, assisted self-pleasure, erotic ritual massage.

we work outside usual paradigms of attraction & relating. this may feel odd—and it helps us investigate. the touch can have many qualities: arousing, playful, tender, grief-ful, investigative.

🌘talk path

we likely stay hands-off.

we work with a general intention and follow what emerges. we're more likely to work with practices from generative somatics, or pieces of somatic experiencing™ (which i am a student of.)

we are more likely to provoke activation, touching on uncomfortable experiences. we connect in the cracks, facing and being with what arises—allowing your body’s natural knowing to emerge as it guides you towards wholeness & healing.

i’m there as an extension of your nervous system, to support you by slowing down & making more space to explore.

*these paths are not mutually exclusive, and we might move between them. we may start with the intention of going on one, and find out that there’s need for the other. for example, a big shadow comes up during a touch session and stands in the way of accessing sensation.


🌱 first earth, then human

socialised as a human being in a human-centric age, i have a tendency to prioritise human matters first and see myself as separate from the rest of life. this is part of what is making me/you/earth sick. i am learning to view myself as earth first—connected with all that's more-than-human, and i bring this invitation into our research spaces. 

👐 social & political analysis

i believe that healing can't happen without addressing and connecting with the collective, systemic & planetary aspects of a system. some things that are making me/you/earth sick started long before our lifetimes. to shift those, we need to be many more bodies, connecting, caring & dreaming through a long period of time. what we—you & me—can try and do together is acknowledge our conditions, examine the ways our bodyminds usually react to them, and slowly create more possibilities to become more response-able.

🫧 protectors? let's meet them with love

there might be parts of you—and of me—who've internalised messages from oppressive systems with the hopes that this would keep us safe. for a while, it probably did. but then came another message that we are somehow not as we should be, that we should change. those messages are not ours, and the parts trying to protect us by complying with them have far more important things to do. let's meet them together, with love & compassion.

🎇 your body is not a problem

your body holds the answers. the systems that have taught you&me that our bodies are the problem—capitalism, binary gender, colonialism, patriarchy—they are the problem, harming you, me and our earth~body. these systems will always encourage us to drain our energy punching inwards, downwards and sideways. i want us to observe the water we swim in. i will tell you over & over again: your body is right just as it is.

🌊 complexity welcome

the contained environment, slowness and continuous communication can allow for complex emotional states—ones that might stay hidden in other settings—to surface and be held. together, we try and come into being with these, at a pace your nervous system can process.

🌀 being with, affecting change

how can we accept what we can't change, and work together to change what we can? how can we tell the difference between what is already manifested (can we be with that?) and what has not manifested yet? how can we be of support in a process of larger-scale transformation & systems change?


“In several sessions of work on my masturbation practice, em helped me define my intention and guided me through a beautiful process. Their calm presence, empathetic listening and insightful suggestions helped me shift a lifelong pattern and establish a new relationship to my pleasure.

Throughout the process I felt seen, safe, in control of the pace and nature of our work, and validated in my experiences. I recommend em to anyone wanting to work on their sexuality in a conscious way.”
“Having em’s presence in my journey of reconnecting to my body after so many years of alienation was vital.

I felt so safe and heard in all my sessions with em, and em created a wonderful container for me to safely experience my transformation. I will forever be grateful for that.”
“Working with em blew my mind, touched my heart and opened my body—for the potential of pleasure and meeting my pain with curiosity, embracing it as a teacher.

emʼs support, her willingness to listen&listen&listen to me, her undogmatic approach and reassurance that whatever serves me is the right thing to do—were incredible. This truly changed my relationship with myself, and I feel so thankful for that.”

i also facilitate
research spaces.

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