somatic sex education

i offer support on your journey around
sexuality & intimacy, in berlin or online

using sexological bodywork & somatic counseling,
i can support you in your wish to...

  deepen your connection to your body 

  explore and celebrate your erotic potential 

  get clearer about your needs, boundaries and desires 

  embody your own version of sexuality and eroticism 

i also offer sex-positive workshops.

video: sara lovering

🌱 moving at the pace of trust

client-led, trauma-informed and centred around your agency and pace, we focus on staying within your window of presence, allowing you to learn & expand without overwhelming your system.

👐 hands-off or hands-on

this work can be done with clothes on, investigating boundaries and communication, safety, self- and co-regulation. this can optionally serve as preparation for bodywork, which we only get to bodywork if & when it feels safe enough.

🫧 mindful awareness

while exploring themes that are on your heart~mind~genitals, we arrive in the present moment, bringing awareness to and observing what happens in your body: physically, emotionally, erotically and energetically. connecting the body with the mind paves new pathways, and allows agency and your capacity for pleasure to expand.

🎇 arousal outside partnered contexts

we work outside of the paradigm of attraction, to find a state of arousal that’s free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural conditionings and habitual sexual behaviours. in this state, the body can become a source of confidence, love, wisdom and freedom.

🌊 emotion-happy

the contained environment, slowness and continuous communication allow for emotions to come up and be held—ones that might stay hidden in other settings. together, we come into relationship with these at a manageable pace.

🌀 a variety of somatic inquiries

over the course of one session or more, we can work with a wide range of modalities: wheel of consent exercises ~ self-pleasure coaching ~ anal, genital & body mapping & massage ~ pleasure exploration ~ scar tissue massage. (more about what we can do together.)

book an intro call
with me.

photo: roger rossell

who can work with me?

i offer my sessions in english ~ in berlin, or online.

everyone is welcome.

i am excited to work with people whose bodies and sexualities stand in the margins of sexual ”norms”, and specifically those with trans~inter~queer identities. a longer process can often be supportive in allowing trust & understanding to build.

though i work trauma-aware, i am not (yet) a trauma therapist. if trauma symptoms are particularly present in your everyday life, i would happily refer you to a trusted colleague who might be a better fit at this point in time.

who is giving the sessions?

hi! i’m em steinberg.
i am slow and i am soft and i take pride in those two things.

i am fascinated by the intersection of sexuality, spirituality & identity. i work with sexuality as an invitation into here & now and into interconnectedness ~ a way to reclaim agency from conditioning, assigned gender roles, implicit scripts.

i believe finding pleasure can be nourishing, healing, liberating, transformative. i believe that healing can't happen without addressing & connecting with the collective, systemic and planetary aspects of a system.

some of my identities: white, assigned jewish at birth, trans femme, endosex, able-bodied, neurospicy, with personal experiences of trauma and migratory background. i use she/they/em pronouns.

i was certified as a sexological bodyworker through ISB Berlin (Institute for Somatic Education), and am a member of the EASB (European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers.) i have been very lucky to learn much of what i know about eros and holding brave spaces from Clara Tengler. i recently started a training in Somatic Experiencing, which informs my practice.

besides this work, i’m a drummer and a graphic designer.


“In several sessions of work on my masturbation practice, em helped me define my intention and guided me through a beautiful process. Their calm presence, empathetic listening and insightful suggestions helped me shift a lifelong pattern and establish a new relationship to my pleasure.

Throughout the process I felt seen, safe, in control of the pace and nature of our work, and validated in my experiences. I recommend em to anyone wanting to work on their sexuality in a conscious way.”
“Having em’s presence in my journey of reconnecting to my body after so many years of alienation was vital.

I felt so safe and heard in all my sessions with em, and em created a wonderful container for me to safely experience my transformation. I will forever be grateful for that.”
“Working with em blew my mind, touched my heart and opened my body—for the potential of pleasure and meeting my pain with curiosity, embracing it as a teacher.

emʼs support, her willingness to listen&listen&listen to me, her undogmatic approach and reassurance that whatever serves me is the right thing to do—were incredible. This truly changed my relationship with myself, and I feel so thankful for that.”

energy exchange

a 30-minute introduction call is free.

with the intention to make this work accessible, i use a sliding scale. please take your time to look at these suggested rates and assess your rate according to your current situation:


for those who are comfortably able to meet their basic needs ~ have a stable home ~ a well-paid job ~ access to health care ~ a western passport ~ access to financial savings and/or generational wealth ~ can afford vacations 


for those who are able to meet basic their needs most of the time ~ have an irregular housing / work situation ~ have access to health care, state support and solidarity networks ~ sometimes afford vacation ~ have some expandable income


for those who are stressed about meeting basic needs, and are frequently unable to ~ have debt / support people around them ~ have very unstable work / housing situations ~ limited/no access to health care and state support ~ can’t afford vacation or unplanned small expenses

this is a solidarity system: the higher rates compensate for the lower ones.
if you have a stable source of income, please do consider giving more so i can continue offering this work to those who don't.
if your situation changes, we can gladly talk and reajust.

if you are a marginalized body and the lower rate is inaccessible to you, please do reach out ~ we can find a way to work together.


especially in my line of work, i see agency as sacred. i also understand that the possibility of cancelling commitments can help cultivate a sense of safety. at the same time, my time and energy are also sacred. when we schedule a session, i block out time & energy for the session and for mental & physical preparation.

in case you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, i will ask you to pay for the session.

book an intro call
with me.

we can talk about the practice,
your intention and any questions
you might have before we
schedule a session.